Pangea Community Agreement

At Pangea, we value collaboration, respect, and integrity in all our interactions. As members of the Pangea team, we commit to upholding the following principles to foster a positive and inclusive work environment:

Respect and Inclusion

We respect the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within our community. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Open Communication

We encourage open and honest communication among all employees. Constructive feedback should be given and received with empathy and professionalism.  

Collaboration and Teamwork

We recognize that our collective success depends on effective teamwork. We strive to support and collaborate with our colleagues, leveraging each other’s strengths to achieve our goals.


We maintain a high standard of professionalism in all our interactions, both within the company and with external partners. This includes punctuality, accountability, and adherence to company policies and procedures.



We respect the confidentiality of sensitive information shared within the company. Confidential information should be handled with care and disclosed only to those with a legitimate need to know.

Personal Growth and Development

We are committed to continuous learning and improvement. We support each other’s professional growth and development by sharing knowledge, providing opportunities for skill enhancement, and offering mentorship when possible